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#1 Recipe Sambar - Sambar Powder Recipe - South Indian Sambar Recipe - Sarina Pudi Recipe - Traditional Mysore Style

Sambar is an incredibly popular South Indian curry based on lentils. Though there are many variations - the Mysore Sambar, Tamil Sambar and Udupi style sambar are probably the most popular. There are big and small variations in style.

The staple meal in South Indian home is a two course presentation. Steaming rice with sambar and some vegetable side dish, followed by curd rice and pickles. Other accompaniements may be papads and various fried sides.

Though "sambar" is the catch-all term used in rest of India - there are many popular types - Sarina Pudi, Menasina Sarina Pudi (with pepper), Huli Pudi, Rasam etc.

This is a recipe for preparing the ubiquitous sambar powder (sarina pudi) in the Mysore style - gotten in consultation with my mom and neighbour both of whom have used variations of this recipe for half a century or so :-)

You can find a recipe to make sambar here: traditional and tasy sambar recipe.

Serves: You can make about half a kilo of sambar powder with this recipe. You generally  use 2-3 spoons when making sambar for 3-4 people.

  • 250 gms - Coriander Seeds
  • 250 gms - Dried red Chillies 
  • 2 tsps - fenugreek seeds (menthya)
  • 2 tsps - black pepper seeds
  • 2 tsps - Cumin seeds (aka Jeera seeds)
  • 2 tsps - Mustard seeds
  • 2 tsps - Bengal gram (aka Kadale bele or Chana in Hindi)
  • 50 gms - Asafoetida (aka Hing in Hindi) 
  • 2 tsps - Turmeric powder (aka Haldi in Hindi/Kannada)
  • 1 tsp - Ghee

  1. In a pan on medium flame add the ghee first, heat all the pulses and spices (except asafoetida and turmeric) 
  2. After warm roasting, grind all items together with the asafoetida and turmeric.
  3. After cooling, store in a airtight container.
Any time you want to make  sambar, this is good to be used. This can be stored for a year atleast - but gradually loses its fragrance after a month or so.

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